Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel with Ebony Handle

Japanese Chef Knives

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The history of a Japanese knife can be similar to that of a Samurai’s blade. Japanese knives are valuable culinary tools; and in the hearts of professional chefs, these traditionally forged blades hold a special significance. All parts of the blade are forged and crafted with passion and idealistic approaches to ensure the product’s highest quality and satisfaction. As performing the techniques and skills required to craft delicate, subtle sushi pieces is essential in Japanese cuisine, Japanese blades are a chef’s companion. Similar to that of a Samurai’s best blade in war, one of the first Japanese knives are forged during the Heian era.

Later as the popularity of these knives increased immensely, the birth of other knife types like the Gyuto knife, Deba knife, and Yanagiba emerged during the Edo era. Each knife is categorized to perform varying tasks, which made them special and extraordinary tools different from the ordinary culinary equipment found elsewhere. Each method of preparation, each intricate process requires the usage of a specific type of knife – this then explains the reason behind the fame earned by Japanese knives and their worldwide acclaim.

Among the popular knife forging companies

Sakai Takayuki tops the list for its continuously growing collection of unique, high quality knife models. Renowned for its extreme sharpness that comes along with the selection of finest materials to craft each and every part of a blade passionately, Sakai Takayuki is one of the most trusted brands. The brand has all kinds of knives in store, of which most run out after a few hours of putting them up for sale – which explains the high demands of quality blades. Japanese chefs and professionals always look for durable blades with high quality materials to guarantee efficiency as well as long life shelf for the knives they bought. Sakai Takayuki answers to all needs that may arise and is always on the horizon to forge better quality blades – this makes it forever, the number one best brand in Japan.

Sakai Takayuki has forged countless numbers of Japanese knives to ease users and aid them in the crafting of culinary arts – of which most are sushi and sashimi pieces. With quality blades forged for different techniques and usage, Sakai Takayuki fans are always on the search for new models to meet their needs. One of the best-selling models Sakai Takayuki has, is the Aoniko Blue 2 Steel with Ebony Handle knife.

Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel with Ebony Handle knife is a model within the Aogami no.2 steel knife series made out of the world-famous Yasugi steel, which is also a high prime carbon steel widely used in Japan for decades. The fine materials that make up the blade itself are equipped with highest rust and wear resistance feature that only benefits the users. The steel’s special hardness, toughness, and durability together makes it a great choice for Japanese chefs who are professionals. Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel with Ebony Handle knife also comes with a Japanese-style octagonal handle that enables users to grip comfortably while utilizing the blade. This series of traditional knife comes in a wide range of lengths and types, such as the 330 mm Yanagiba, the 210 mm Chef’s Deba, the 240 mm Kamagata-Usuba, and the 330 mm Fuguhiki.

As this series is known for its toughness, users can be guaranteed that the blade will be of highest use to professional tasks as it won’t wear away easily or get rusted in just a few times after using. Definitely one of the best choices out there, Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel with Ebony Handle knife is among Sakai Takayuki’s most recommended knife models.