Yu Kurosaki SPG2 Clad FUJIN WA WGTCA

Yu kurosaki

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Japanese food is always loved for the intricate cooking processes and delicate food preparation aesthetics. The mastery of the skills of the blade is truly important for Japanese chefs, as they would have to slice, cut, bone, and fillet a wide variety of ingredients.

High demands of specialized sushi knives have tripled over the past few years due to the massive increase of Japanese food culture worldwide. People from different parts of the world crave for sushi, the extraordinary tastes of Japanese rich traditions poured onto every single slice of sashimi, and most of all, the delicacy in hand-crafted cuisine.

Japan’s culinary industry features not only the mastery of crafting intricate art pieces, but also the fine selection of ingredients and the essential equipment required to produce finest dishes and authentic Japanese flavored cuisine. Among the most important equipment, an efficient Japanese knife is indeed very much like a companion sword to a Samurai or a swordsman. Same applies in Japanese food – Japanese chefs will always look for the best Japanese sushi knife to perform their mastery skills of swift slices and clear cuts to make just the finest Tuna sashimi or the all-time favorite Salmon sashimi.

When it comes to the selection of the authentic, professional Japanese knives suitable for the cutting of various ingredients to make Omakase signature dishes or the extremely mouth-watering Maki sushi, Yu Kurosaki is a brand that stands out among other brands with its unique blade designs and extreme sharpness. With all Japanese knives designed and sharpened for varying uses, Yu Kurosaki is a Japanese brand named after one of Japan’s most famous blacksmiths, Yu Kurosaki himself. Not only do his knives are highly efficient and practical for all kinds of uses, but all of his crafts are made through the traditional Japanese forging techniques and masteries. To further pursue his ideals and portray the beauty of Japan upon his blades, Yu Kurosaki tops the world charts for its popularity among professional chefs and even beginners looking for an efficient knife to craft homemade sushi and other Japanese dishes.

Among Yu Kurosaki’s top quality blades, the Yu Kurosaki SPG2 Clad FUJIN WA WGTCA knife stands out with its elegant appearance and features.

This FUJIN knife series features a hammered ‘FUJIN’ texture which portrays the image of a Japanese god who is believed to have power over the wind. The Yu Kurosaki SPG2 Clad FUJIN WA WGTCA knife also tops other Kurosaki models with its finest materials selected to perform the best skills of quick slices, swift chops, and smooth cuts essential for Japanese cuisine and its intricate processes.

The Yu Kurosaki SPG2 Clad FUJIN WA WGTCA knife features a Super Gold 2 micro carbide powder stainless steel, specifically aimed towards professionals. This kind of stainless steel is among world’s hardest blade steels, providing rust-resistance feature to the blade itself and long-lasting edge retention. This special FUJIN series highlights its FUJIN, elegant texture and its octagonal-shaped Wenge wood with stylish turquoise ferrule handle that comes with both the beauty collectors will love, and the durability users will need to perform all the required tasks.

The Yu Kurosaki SPG2 Clad FUJIN WA WGTCA is a Santoku knife, which means that it is a knife that works well with all kinds of ingredients. Be it meat, raw ingredients like fish, vegetables, fruits, or even hard-textured ingredients, this Santoku knife can handle all you need to make delicious Japanese dishes. As fine quality knife is essential to make authentic, traditional Japanese food loved by people from all over world, Yu Kurosaki is a brand that will provide users with all they need just in one blade – just in one excellent knife that performs all the skills, the techniques that took decades to master and accomplish.